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January 2009 - Jonnyboy23

The first Van of The Month for 2009 is Jonny's eye catching '55. SOme words from the man himself.....

Hi my name is Jonny (jonnyboy23), the vans called Bertie and is a 1955 Portugese 11 window kombi, it was bought in Nov 2008 to replace my 78 bay. Unfortunately I can't take much of the credit for the way the van looks, as the previous owner Aaron did most of the panel work and installed all the lowering gear.

Since buying the vehicle in November 2008, the interior has been ripped out and I am currently awaiting the seats and rock n roll bed from the upholsterer (Hopefully they will be ready for Dubfreeze). A NOS fuel gauge has been installed and the speedo has been refurbished and recalibrated by Peter Banks (Do a search on the forum I can highly recommend his work).The sign writing isn't original unfortunately but some of the paint is the original dove blue and I think it all fits in to give an original look with plenty of patina.The engine is a 1641 twin webers, which runs a treat.

Plans for the future are a bigger engine maybe 1904 or bigger, front safaris are also on the wish list.Hopefully it will be seen at as many shows this year as possible in the UK and Europe

VOTM January 2009

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