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September 2008

The winner of September Van of The Month is David "Pucka" Simpkin with his stunning '61 15 window. This month's competion was a close run affair between two stunning buses (in my books the 3rd place bus of Leeco was also great in it's own way).

Some words from Pucka:

"My bus is a '61 15 window deluxe, imported from California about 2005 by a guy in Perranporth. He used it for a year or so and then completely stripped it and had it sprayed in the mango and grey colours. It had a long sill and some cargo floor repairs but otherwise was extremely solid. Although they aren't the original colours, I think they work well together and is a nice take on the old colour combination."

"The guy that had done all this work then found a '56 23 window bus and so the '61 15 window was offered for sale. I had sold my Karmann Ghia Cabrio and resto Cal beetle as was on the look out for the right split project, with cash in hand a deal was done and we collected the bus in February 2007. It was basically an MOT'd shell, supplied with boxes of bits to finish. "

"This is where I got a little carried away, the front beam had seen better days so I booked it in with T2D, I went for the 4" narrowed beam with 3.5" dropped spindles, CSP front discs, dual circuit master cylinder, a recondition steering box and a box lift for ground clearance. "

"At the rear, I stripped out a previous IRS conversion and installed the Creative Engineering kit, fitted a new Pro Street Rancho gearbox, and then a 2110cc John Maher Racing engine, the engine was designed a built for reliability and torque for those dreaded hills rather than speed. I did try my luck at Santa Pod and on my first attempt did a 17.4 pass (with roof racks on) and this obviously got me into the BWA club! The interior was completely re trimmed by a local firm, the rock n roll bed was made from scratch and is extremely comfortable."

"The interior is actually still work in progress, my friend is making oak cupboards to fit along the bulk head, and the panel under the rock n roll bed will also be oak with a drawer for storage."

"Plans for the future include a rear disc conversion, fuel injection (maybe turbo!) and obviously get the interior finished off. "

More on David's Pucka bus can be found in the forums "Rides and Projects" section here
where you'll find more updates as they happen and somewhow I think they'll keep coming.

VOTM September 2008
Pucka Van of the Month September 2008
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