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May 2008

The winner of May's closely fought vote is Jerry AKA Dubjunky with his hard as nails panel.

I'd owned a RHD Devon walkthrough about twenty years ago for the princely sum of £900.00 from Alan Schoffield, those were the days, fully taxed and tested, unfortunately I had to let it go as I had a beetle and a squareback sitting on my parents' drive and they were none to pleased.

Several years went by and many aircooled VW's but once you've got the van thing in your veins I don't think you can ever get over it, I knew I needed another and was keen to get my hands on a panel van. As luck would have it an american car enthusiast local to myself had imported a van and had never got a round to fixing it up, I went to see it and it literally had my name on the back. The previous owners in the States were Greatful Dead fans and had put a "Thank You Jerry" sticker on the back, declaring their dedication to Jerry Garcia. I had to have it. The pristine Karmann Ghia that had been gracing my driveway had to go to make way for my new project.

A little tinkering with the brakes, headlights and a new set of tyres saw the panel through its first MOT. Although it may look a little down at heal the van is very straight and solid I love the weathered look something you just can't buy off the shelf.

Since buying the van I have fitted dropped spindles to the front and had the rear straight axled, the engine is a 1600 type three motor, though set up in with an upright fan. I have fitted twin 36 Dellorto carb.s to give it a little more power, electronic ignition and an electric fuel pump and thats about it.

The van is used daily to get me to work and back come rain and shine, often I just jump in it and drive it as it brings me so much pleasure. There's nothing better than roaming about listening to tunes, while people smile and wave as I go by.

When I first bought the Van

Out and About

Cruise to Stanford Hall 2006

Cruise out in Derbyshire with the SBS

Stanford Hall 2008